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Osteopathy is a gentle and effective method of hands-on, manipulative treatment. Osteopaths are qualified to diagnose the cause of musculo-skeletal problems of the spine, neck, shoulders, pelvis and limbs. We are interested in how your whole body works and do not limit our investigations to one complaint or body part at a time. Osteopaths understand the impact faulty posture and painful conditions can have on general health and well being.  Osteopathic treatment eases many forms of back and joint pain, stiffness and weakness. We can advise you about your general health, exercise regimes, relaxation techniques and posture. Osteopathy is suitable for all age groups from babies to the elderly.

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Acupuncture is a tried and tested ancient system of medicine. Acupuncture  is widely accepted for its general health benefits and its ability to reduce pain and disability.  People visit an acupuncturists for a range of reasons from general ill-health to specific conditions such as migraines and menstrual difficulties.

Learning the Alexander Technique involves easing long-standing habits of movement and posture which may have become painful  and limiting. Lessons involve one-to-one verbal and hands-on instruction. Your teacher, Madelene, will help you understand your postural habits and response to stress, help you learn how to improve your poise and performance in just about any activity you choose to do , making everyday activities more comfortable.                                     (February 2021)

'Homeopathic treatment encompasses all of your current ailments at the same time. Seeing a homeopath will help you understand how your body and mind are interlinked, enabling you to look after yourself better in the future.  The right remedy for you will stimulate your body to heal itself, thus strengthening your immune system and helping you to maintain good health.'                           Elaine Walker   2016.

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