Research by the GOsC found that  96% of osteopathic patients were confident in the treatment and advice that their osteopath provided. 

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Treatment Costs:

​Initial Consultation and Treatment (allow up to 1 hour)        £50.00

Follow up treatments*                                                           £42.00   

Children (under 16 yrs old)                                                   £35.00

                                                                                                                                                      March 2021

*The amount of treatment you require will depend on the complexity and chronicity of your condition.

​​​89% of patients reported an improvement in their symptoms one week after their first treatment

93% still reported an improvement 6 weeks post-treatment.



Osteopaths are Allied Health Professionals who take time to understand your individual history and unique physiology, to provide you with a personalised health improvement plan.

Osteopaths provide safe, effective treatment and care that aims to promote health and wellbeing of their patients. 

Osteopaths use manual therapy, health advice and sometimes exercise tailored to the needs of the patient to help relieve pain and disability.

Osteopaths are highly trained healthcare professionals with expertise in the function of the musculo-skeletal system and its relationship to the health of other systems of the body.                

People who visit osteopaths consistently report high satisfaction with the care they receive, expressing high confidence in the treatment and advice they are given. 

Rates in excess of 90% for satisfaction and trust have been reported.

Osteopaths work closely with other healthcare professionals such as GPs, nurses, podiatrists and physiotherapists.

How can an osteopath help you?

Osteopathic patients include the young and old, office and manual workers, pregnant women and babies, the physically active or more sedentary individuals. 

We treat a variety of complaints from painful muscles and joints due to injury to chronic problems such as headache and spinal pain, neuromuscular conditions like sciatica, headaches and migraine, TMJ dysfunction and faulty posture.


Osteopaths are experienced in treating complex and chronic pain conditions which require a holistic approach to care.

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Alison Ley


January 2021